Competive Telecoms.


Delivering quality results through quality personnel

Our Philosophy

We view ourselves as representatives of our clients in the marketplace. We recognize that our clients expect us to perform with the same level of professionalism, judgment, dedication and industry knowledge that would apply if they were to perform the search themselves. In our view, this is the only way to develop and maintain long term and valued relationships while delivering the quality results on which our reputation will be based.

Competitive Telecoms Group is uniquely qualified to handle your search requirements because, unlike other search firms, the people doing the searches are people with backgrounds in both telecommunications and recruitment. As a result of the multifunctional structure of CTG, we have access to an enormous pool of experienced telecoms personnel and frequently have direct knowledge of their past performance. We know people who not only can do the job, but frequently have done it before! This industry experience will enable us to provide you with qualified, reliable and experienced staff in a timely manner.