Competive Telecoms.


Experienced consulting group with a proven track record, exclusively focused on the telecommunications industry

Business Analysis

Investment decisions are becoming increasingly more difficult in the current market. Our "investment analysis team" will do a complete study of your business opportunity, or issues, meet with your management team and identify valuable assets that will assist in your decision making process.

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Sector Reform

With deregulation and liberalization, markets are undergoing fundamental changes, including increased competition, pricing pressure and increasing intervention of regulators. CTG's staff has dealt with all U.S. regulatory bodies and the majority of key foreign regulators, as such, it is uniquely positioned to add value to your decision making process.

Competitive Strategies

Existing Operators

are faced with the challenges of new competition (market share loss, downsizing, rate rebalancing, price and margin reduction, etc.).

Emerging Operators

planning entry strategies (regulatory positioning, pricing, product development, marketing sales channel management, etc.) CTG's staff can help evaluate the situation and create a successful business plan.

New Entrants

new network operators are examining market opportunities, bidding for licenses and building new telecommunications businesses. CTG's staff was directly involved in the creation of several of the largest alternative carriers in the world.

Improving Corporate Performance

downsizing, outsourcing and automation are the new priorities for operators, driven by increased competition and regulatory pressure which forces prices down. In a competitive environment, creating a cost advantage is critical. CTG's staff has implemented these solutions in the U.S. and other markets.

Sales and Marketing

CTG's key executives were instrumental in building the most competitive sales organization in the U.S. and are available to examine your objectives and develop a unique Sales and Marketing strategy to ensure you succeed in your target markets - from business plan to market strategy; branding to compensation; residential to business; U.S. or abroad.